Therapies: Traditional Therapies

Cutting Edge Therapies

  1. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
  2. Intensive Suit Therapy
  3. Stroke Therapy

Traditional Therapies

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Massage Therapy
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Speech-Language Pathology
  5. Chiropractic Therapy
  6. Chiropody / Podiatry
  7. Custom made orthotics and orthopaedic shoes
  8. Gait and Biomechanical Analysis
  9. Compression Therapy/Hosiery
  10. Body Braces and Support Products

Treated Conditions

  1. Cerebral palsy
  2. Brain injury
  3. Post stroke (CVA)
  4. Ataxia
  5. Athetosis
  6. Spasticity
  7. Muscular dystrophy
  8. Spinal cord injuries
  9. Spina bifida
  10. Autism
  11. Speech disorders
  12. Developmental delays
  13. Multiple sclerosis
  14. Parkinson’s disease

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