Do You Need Post Stroke Treatment?

After a stroke, people often need some specialized care depending on the type and intensity of brain damage that they suffered. Disabilities are not uncommon in post stroke patients, meaning that a lot of post stroke treatment is about rehabilitation and management of the new condition. Some of the expected challenges include pain, movement control, emotional issues and challenges with the memory among other things. This implies that a post stroke patient would require a lot of support from professionals if they are to cope with the post stroke situation in terms of how they feel and what they can or cannot do.

So, what really is post stroke treatment?


After a stroke, you may have about 24 to 48 hours before you can be declared free of the stroke and ready to go home. This means that you will already be in a post stroke situation. Once you are off the medication, your body will start adjusting to the brain damage that you may have suffered during the stroke. This means that you will be discovering new deficiencies and challenges in your system. This is when you need post stroke treatment.

As you start feeling these results of the stroke like paralysis, impaired abilities for movement or even memory, you will need some kind of support system. The post stroke treatment is both a rehabilitation process that should get you through the tough times, and a way for you to learn how you can manage your new condition.

What professionals will you need for the post stroke treatment?

First, you must note that there are a lot of variations when it comes to the needs of a post stroke patient. One’s condition is usually determined by the area of the brain that was affected and how badly it was damaged. As such, each patient requires a personal evaluation in order to determine what their post stroke treatment would entail. Generally, you can expect to interact with rehabilitation nurses, speech pathologists, vocational and occupational therapists, physicians and recreational therapists among others.

Some people may even require physiotherapy as well as hydrotherapy thus requiring the services of physiotherapists as they recover. Your body and your mind require all the care and attention that they can get from the right professionals, meaning that one cannot limit themselves when on post stroke treatment.

What are your options here?

When going for post stroke treatment, it is likely that you may have your reservations. This is quite understandable because you are in a new position in terms of your health. And as much as you need all the assistance you can get, you also need some time to adjust to the reality. You do not have to worry. There are a number of alternatives from which you can pick what makes you comfortable. You could go to an inpatient center, outpatient center, nursing facility or even apply for a home based program.

Depending on your specific needs and capacity, you can always find something that will suit you. And while this is not an ideal situation since you would much rather go back to your life as it was before the stroke, it is the best way to get you as close as possible to being independent and capable of making a full recovery.

Before giving up on yourself after a stroke, you should consider taking up effective post stroke treatment that will set you back on track in terms of your physical and emotional health. Take your time and look at the options before settling for a treatment option that works for you. Your physicians should be able to advise you more based on your needs after the stroke.

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